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Translation: Four sans-papiers escape Palaiseau CRA


Four sans-papiers escape Palaiseau CRA

On Sunday night 4 sans papiers who due to be deported escaped the CRA de Palaiseau (Essonne), we learn from corroborating sources.

"Two Tunisiens, an Algerian and a Romanian fled after the deparuture of our teams", Pierre Henry, directeur général of the association France Terre d'Asile (FTA), who offer legal help to the detainee foreigners on site, told ATP.

The préfecture of Essonne confirmed this on Monday, and also added that two officers were slightly injured during the escape.

The police and gendarmerie are currently looking for the the four escapees, she added.

According to the préfecture and the associations, around 7pm on Sunday a officer was called by a detainee to the common room to sort out the TV reception. When he arrived, he was surrounded and knocked to the floor by 5 detainees. They took his magnetic badge which is used to access different parts of the CRA.

While the guard was held down by one detainee, the 4 others went to the delivery area of the centre and escaped. During this escape, the guard who had been attacked and a colleague who came to offer reinforcements were slightly injured, stated the  préfecture.

The police union Alliance added that the escapees then climbed a simple fence and disappeared in the direction of the sous-préfecture.

Interviewed on site, the detainee who had helped the escape of the four other 'irregular' migrants and had slowed down the action of the police was placed in custody, confirmed the préfecture.

The CRA of Palaiseau accommodates only men. It has a maximum capacity of 40 places. 750 foreigners in 'irregular situations' were detained there in 2011, in particular Romainians, Tunisiens and Morrocans.

Its particularity is that it is sited near the 'arrest house' ('maison d'arrêt') of Fleury-Mérogis, which receives numerous prison-leavers who are the target of an 'interdiction du territoire' (obligation to leave the country).

Renovated in 2011, the CRA is surrounded by a 4.5m high fence with movement detectors and surveillance cameras. 


fredag 7 december 2012

kass cirkulerar bland bloggar - helt gränslöst

som svar på:

Tycker att argumenten ovan presenterade i inlägget För öppna gränser är i stort sätt övertygande, men skulle vilja förstärka den sista punkten. 6. Det med att invandring skulle pressa lönerna är inte riktit. Snarare är det gränserna som pressar lönerna då: a) migrantarbetare (med eller utan ‘papper’) antingen inte har rätt att organisera sig fackligt/de nationella facken inte har gjort upp med sin interna rasism och inte vill organisera dessa, b) arbetare i olika länder, instängda bakom respektive gränser, sätts att konkurrera med varandra – ”Sverige måste vara konkurrenskraftigt”, istället för att gemensamt kunna sätta krav gentemot kapital/arbetsköpare. Gränserna är alltså i sig viktiga för att upprätthålla snedfördelningen av resurser inte bara mellan olika delar av världen utan också inom olika länders gränser. Att organisera sig nationellt blir i slutändan (vilket vi kan se nu i diverse västländer) att skjuta sig själva i fötterna då kapital kan utnyttja situationen genom att dra någon annanstans. Skyddet som statens gränser erbjuder blir därmed en loop som ger att vi behöver mer skydd – ett cirkelargument, så att säga.

Det går inte att införa fri invandring, därför att det vore dåligt för Sverige - so be it.

läs gärna mer på:


torsdag 6 december 2012

no such goals [this book] suggests that such goals [recognition and inclusion] undermine the disruptive potential of trans resistance and also threaten to divide potential alliances among trans people, such as cross-race, cross-class*, and cross-ability alliances, as they have in Lesbian and Gay politics. Legal equality goals threaten to provide nothing more than adjustments to the window-dressing of neoliberal violence that ultimately disserve and further marginalize the most vulnerable trans populations.

Dean Spade, Normal life p.32

*here it is abit unclear to me what this would be, since the rest of the book not at all advocates class-peace/collaboration..


tisdag 4 december 2012

Hatar på nationalstaten med hjälp av Sassen:

Nationalstatens uppkomst i Europa ersatte stadsstaternas och stadsförbundens Globala handelssystem*, med system för global plundring.
 Det tidigare systemet byggde på ömsesidigt utbyte - där ingen stad hade ensam kapacitet att kontrollera/skydda handelsvägarna. Denna kontroll kunde byggas upp med hjälp av den suveräna territorialstatens framväxande byråkrati** för skatteindriving.
 Man började strida om de externa källorna till rikedom*** istället för de interna punkterna för dess ansamling.

Kass,  under läsning av: Makt Territorium Rättigheter, S. Sassen

*får väl tillägga nu att detta ju byggde på mer lokal plundring, av arbetar- och bonde-befolkning, som typ all handel/privategendom gör...

** denna 'byråkrati' hade också en ansenlig mängd blank-vapen att skramla med.

*** dvs kolonialism skapade 'fred' på hemmaplan, typ.

In front of the EU parliament..

In front of the EU parliament in solidarity with the striking
asylum-seekers and the illegalized in EU
The persistence of the common conditions of misery and calamity which
asylum-seekers suffer from and the likewise mechanisms which makes a
human, first of all a fugitive, a homeless and an asylum-seeker; and
forthcoming making them illegal humans, leaving them defenseless and
marginalized through the bureaucratic labyrinth and organized
discriminations, has caused the protests and struggles of the
asylum-seekers and the illegalized ones to rise anywhere. In different
European countries and even in Australia, the asylum-seekers and the
illegalized have rendered their just demands in the streets and the public
spaces. Their pains and wounds, so deep that they haven't returned to the
camps even under the “Legal” and “continuous” oppression of the police and
the organized threats of the sovereign state institutions. They have
gradually found one another and through gatherings and partaking of their
experiences, have realized the possibility of protest and resistance. They
have been gradually aware of the same processes in the other cities and
countries and have been inspired by one another in the horizons of this
Undoubtedly, in order to affect the barren political state and defeat the
indifference of the “Majority”, mesmerized by the repetition of the
reconstructed facts of the mainstream media, it's necessary for all the
inferior classes to unite in their battles and by strengthening the
collective self-confidence, call the people under the oppressions to these
struggles. The battles of the asylum-seekers and the illegalized ones, is
not only apart from this condition, but also it's now the time to make the
voices from different parts of Europe be heard in the first step, because
these struggles, according to their common origin can be organically
interconnected, build a series of transboundary protests, which based on
the same problems and ideals, can target a common aim.
According to such a belief and in order to make such communications
possible, we; a number of asylum-seekers and activists of the Berlin
Protest March (who have passed the past eight months in the streets and
tents, alongside our friends to achieve their ends), by our share have
tried to communicate with some other asylum-seekers in some other European
countries personally. In a two-week trip, we have managed to meet the
asylum-seekers in strike, in Amsterdam, Den-Haag, and Vienna and exchange
useful experiences. Now we are glad to inform those who follow the
movements that in these camps, there exists a high motivation and desire
to join these battles. So all of us, alongside one another, and by the aid
of all those who feel this struggle to be theirs, are willing to take the
struggle of the asylum-seekers and the illegalized ones over the national
borders, so that by creating the organic joints in a transboundary
solidarity, the struggles get a new spirit. We have no other choice to be
free but to face the EU with the inevitable consequences of the its
non-equal, unjust and discriminating policies. This step is absolutely
essential to be taken in the very year when the EU has won the Noble Peace
Prize for all these policies.
In addition to what has been mentioned on the importance of solidarity
with these struggles, what has made us to start our unlimited strike in
front of the EU parliament in Bruxelles today (December 3rd 2012) is
particularly the protest against the violent (and of course “legal”)
oppression of the asylum camps in Amsterdam and Brandenburger Tor in
Berlin and their dismantling. With this symbolic protest, we are to show
the Public, how the civilized European governments are stifling the
oppressed people. We humbly ask all activists and the conscious people to
join the protest and amplify the voice of the voiceless ones.


After Friday’s suppression in Amsterdam, where we were denied our right to
protest, and after yesterday’s suppression in Berlin at the Brandenburg
Tor, after the suppression in Vienna which is a nightmare for the refugees
there, we - the protesting refugees – realised that this system is not
willing to grant certain fundamental rights to the refugees. What is more,
instead of abolishing those laws which are effectively oppressing us, the
system in Europe wants to drive us out. Therefore, we took to the streets
to make our demands happen. Now, we will raise our voices even louder than

We invite you to our press conference: On the 3rd of December 2012 at
11 am in Brussels, in front of the European
Parliament, in the centre of the John Cockerill park.

We invite all of Belgium’s media to come to the press conference to report
on the protest of refugees in Europe.

Mohammad Kalali
Arash Dosthosein
Ashkan Khorasani

fredag 30 november 2012

kasS julrimmar

i vinterkylan fulingar stör
bara för att gamla kungar går dör
denna bild togs som i dans
i sopen med deras krans!

onsdag 28 november 2012

if for nothing else

The knowing should love the innocent
The strong care for the vulnerable
If for nothing else
  because no one can ever be sure who's in which end
so fuck pity - fuck charity
we need humbleness and anarchy


tisdag 13 november 2012

who's getting the message?

We got the message, that the planned mass deportation on 13th Nov  of
mainly Roma  to Belgrad, Serbia has been done earlier and is already
It had been done on the 8th Nov 12!! 90 people got deported to Belgrad!
We are sad, we are angry!
**Protest - Now more than ever!*
*Come on Thues 13th Nov  at 10 a.m. to the Airport Düsseldorf, Terminal B*
(the 8 a.m. protest at Gate F does not take place)

Come selfresponsible, come selforganised. keep in mind, the airport is
big, there are many entrances, escalators and terraces where people can
protest. bring your banners, be creative be angry!

*we are appalled, sad and angry!*
*And we will go and demonstrate in the Airport Düsseldorf!*
And we will not forget, that there is another *mass deportation flight
on 15th  Nov from Stuttgart to Kosovo!*

One supporter of alle-bleiben (
in Belgrad could verify that there had been a massdeportation on 8th
A deportation one day before the commemoration of the progrom night ,
which was the start of procecution of millions of jews aswell as of
Sinti and Roma! Deportation shortly after the inauguration of the
memorial  in memory of the deaths! It cannot be more cynical!

What ever reason there was for this earlier deportation flight. It does
show the force in which the deportation take place. It does show how
strongly racist the discussions are lead at the moment and that
deportations might become a topic during election in Germany next year.

The application of asylum are treated very rapidly - and negativly of
course. The people hardly get the possibilities to bring in their
reasons and do not come to exlpain their situation. Irrespective (Even
though) of the european wide procecution of Roma, in Serbia, Mazedonia,
Kosovo and in many other european countries.

Instead of a political solution, instead of a permant residency and the
right to stay, the politicians continue to count on persecution and
We say no!
No deportations!
Stop all deportations now!
For the right to move and stay!
Resistance is necessary!

söndag 21 oktober 2012



... It was one of the biggest demonstrations for refugees rights in germany in the last years, when about 6000 people participated last saturday (13.10) in berlin in the final  station of the refugees march. The abolition of the residence law and of the campsystem and the stop of all deportations have been the central demands and find impressive pictures of the demo on the website:

.Today, 15th of october, a group of selforganised refugees continued the struggle with an occupation of the nigerian embassy  in Berlin against deportation-collaboration. Find their statement attached and refugee-activist are still arrested after police eviction, while a solidarity demonstration with 400 people took place this evening...


Press Information:

Counter Offensive to the Nigerian Government Role in  the brutal
deportation of African Refugees, Nigerian and Non Nigerian Activists have
taken to Occupy the Nigerian Embassy Berlin to demand the cancellation of
all deportation agreement with the German State.

Deportation is only possible if a state is ready to „take back“ the person
concerned and for this purpose, the German authorities would do anything
to obtain traveling certificates to deport Refugees to any Country
wherever they could be accepted.

Refugees are constantly summoned to forced deportation hearings where they
are interviewed by Embassy Officials who would have to confirm their
origin and identity through Physical appearance to aid the  issuance of
traveling certificates as a legitimation for their deportation.

These forced deportation hearing are randomly conducted in different
German City on a monthly basis in an atmosphere of massive Police presence
and abuses - From Halberstadt to Koln, Bielefeld to Karlsruhe, Dortmund to
 Munich, Ludwigsburg to Dusseldorf.
Enough is Enough as we have reached an Offensive threshold to say No to
deportation threats and abuses because deportation is Colonial Heritage
and Persecution. We are therefore provoked to unlash appropriate action
against such acts that continues to traumatize and destroy Migrants and
Refugees in Germany

Refugee and non-Refugee Activist have for many years condemned this
routine deportation collaboration between the Nigerian Government and the
German European Government through the enforcement  of militarized Frontex
- "Frontex being the boarder Watch dog of the European union with extended
artificial Borders up to Refugee Home Countries is mandated with the
responsibility of chartered deportation operations from Europe"

The January 2012 agreement between the Nigerian Government (Nigerian
Immigration Boss - Mrs. Rose Uzoma)and Frontex stands as a renewed
legitimation to the brutal deportation practices thus causing many deaths
and Trauma for Refugees thus requiring an immediate cancellation  because
the same European Government who has made us refugees must be ready to
take the responsibility of their act.

It is based on this Position that we are calling on President Goodluck
Jonathan to take immediate step to cancel all deportation agreements and
collaboration between Frontex with the German State.

The obvious habit of ignoring the call for human rights can no longer be
tolerated hence the decision of Nigerian Refugees occupation of  the
Nigerian Embassy in Berlin as a signal to more offensive counter action
against their deportation collaboratory role.

As first step to cooperation, We demand  a Stop to the routine practices
of Forced-Mobile deportation Hearing with immediate effect (i.e.) 16.10.12
to 19.10.12  deportation hearing planned to take place at the State Police
Premises, Alte Weingartner Str. 49, 76227 Karlsruhe-Durlach.

Furthermore, we are undertaken an investigation in connection with
suspicion of free access for the German Immigration Service to access
Biometric Data of Nigerian Passport Holders - a development from the
current act of  criminalization of Nigerian migrants with a direct  call
for President Goodluck Jonathan to withdraw in case there is  any of such.

We denounce every form of deportation collaboration because  deportation
itself  is a form of  racial persecution and elimination and exists on
basic distinction of Europe being the progressive and developed while
Africa is defined as backward.
We say No to all forms of deportation collaboration
Stop Deportation

The VOICE Refugee Forum

onsdag 17 oktober 2012

thoughts after a PW** reading circle some two years ago

When something has become a commodity it can no longer be shared; only sold and bought - or speculated upon, stolen (but then it Can lose this status..)

if everything is absorbed, sucked up into the (semio-)capitalist circling - maybe we can still measure (or something else more anti-capitalistic..) how long it takes. It seems as if some activities are absorbed even before execution - while some resist quite while. And these activities - because of the fact that they create something liveable (a gap or so) - are still worthy of our effort and attention****. And if we are lucky, one can hope, that they may also create some kind of commonality separated from the general flow***** - even if very temporary, ephemeral, and even how much it still is on an inside - keeping alive the idea that an outside potentially could be producable.


*thoughts after a PW** reading circle some two years ago.***
*** with osme editing .,  updating my language, it seems,  but not taking away all I would not write now.
****in short: it's worth the while
*****into: Le Bourse!

torsdag 11 oktober 2012

Asylsökande placeras på anstalt

Ytterligare sammanblandning av migration och kriminalitet, ytterligare bestraffning av de som lider av imperial nationalpolitik. 
Ja, människor är alldeles för komplicerade för att kunna reduceras till stats-objekt; att vara utåtagerande med den desperation som de kränkningar det innebär att vara i migrationsverkets procedurer - för att sedan få 'nej': få sin existens kriminaliserad. 


Nödvändig åtgärd Desperata asylsökande som väntar på utvisning placeras på en särskild avdelning som öppnats på Skogomeanstalten i Göteborg.
- De vi tar emot är de som Migrationsverket bedömer att de inte kan ta hand om, för att de är för komplicerade, utåtagerande eller desperata, säger Christer Isaksson, säkerhetschef på Kriminalvården, till P4 Göteborg i Sveriges Radio.
Avdelningen kommer att ha plats för upp till sju personer.
Migrationsverket menar att åtgärden är nödvändig för att garantera säkerheten på sina egna anläggningar

söndag 30 september 2012

this is what EU is spreading:

(from a festival call out)

In the recent years, Serbia has turned from a country of transit for undocumented migrants into a country where migrants are stuck for increasingly longer periods of time. Under the pressure of approaching the EU membership, Serbia has developed its independent asylum system and reinforced border controls and deportation mechanism on the border with Macedonia. It has also obediently cooperated with the EU's efforts to keep migrants out of EU -- it has signed the readmission agreement with the EU and developed the cooperation with Frontex, the EU agency for the management and operational cooperation on the external borders of the EU. The result of this is the increased repression of migrants in Serbia.


Hundreds of undocumented migrants living in make-shift jungles close to the Schengen border with Hungary (especially in Subotica) are daily persecuted by the police and fear violence, arrest, detention and deportation. Unfortunately there is a complete lack of migrant solidarity mobilisations, and a relative lack of a discourse, critical of the repressive EU policies and their externalisation in Serbia. That's why one of the focuses of the ZAF – the Zrenjanin Antifascist Festival – this year will be the resistance against the border system in the Serbian context and the critique of the EU migration politics.
If you are interested in attending the festival, or participating in the program, especially if you need accommodation in Zrenjanin, please let us know that you are coming in advance. Please note that accomodation places are very limited, so providing your own sleeping arangements would be great. Please get in touch with the organizers to consult the options of accomodation. If you come by car, it would be great if you could bring blankets, sleeping bags and other warm stuff that the undocumented migrants, stuck in Subotica on their way towards the EU, will be in need of, as the colder months approach!

fredag 28 september 2012


Dear ...,

I am writing to draw your attention to the crisis of cultural institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina and would like to invite you to join the platform CULTURESHUTDOWN.NET, initiated by a group of international academics, artists, librarians and cultural activists seeking solutions for this crisis. Seven of the main national cultural institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina -- most notably, the National Museum, the National and University Library, and the National Art Gallery in Sarajevo, symbols of the still disputed state of Bosnia-Herzegovina -- are about to be closed down due to a lack of fundsThe underlying cause for this crisis is the unresolved ethnic conflict after the 1990s war, and the local government's failure to ensure operations through the clarification of these institutions' legal status and the design of adequate funding mechanisms.  Notwithstanding that the functioning and programing these institutions need to be analyzed/revised/developed, the painful result of their current status is that now the most important cultural artifacts from Bosnia-Herzegovina’s past and present  are not only to become invisible to locals and visitors alike, but are severely threatened by decay and looting. 

The platform CULTURESHUTDOWN.NET connects artists, museologists, librarians, historians, and activists living in Bosnia and across the globe interested in researching, analyzing and intervening in this crisis.  Operating on a voluntary basis, CULTURESHUTDOWN.NET is unconnected to a government or political party. Our aim is  to raise worldwide awareness about the problem though a variety of instruments and media, ranging from the provision of real-time information online to collaborative art projects and the drafting of cultural policy recommendations. 

What we have done so far
  • We set up a website that serves as a platform for exchange of news, ideas and reports
  • We completed a survey of the status quo, conducting interviews with representatives of the respective institutions; you can read the summary of institutions' problems here 
  • We contacted over 80 cultural producers in Bosnia-Herzegovina, including all ethnic groups and all spheres of public life/institutions that are related to this concern, asking for their critical reflections, which we are currently posting online, as they come in
  • We have been translating all relevant news and material from BHS into English, and vice versa, to enable a better communication among people interested in this concern worldwide
What we plan to do next
  • Publicize the crisis and our platform internationally, though both academic networks/publications and mass media
  • Issue a public call "Ideas for Solutions", creating a collective document that would summarize results of the call
  • Try to impose pressure on Bosnian Parliamentary Assembly to take on this concern into their agenda (so far, the local politics' strategy was to completely ignore this problem, or provide temporary funding solutions that helped them survive for a few months), though political channels of EU and USA 
  • Fundraise and commission experts' reports: 1. A legal analysis of the Bosnian Constitution and the Dayton Peace Accord in regard to the cultural policy in BH; 2. A comparative study/analysis of funding structures of national museums, galleries, archives and libraries worldwide; 3. International trends in programing of national institutions, such as museums, galleries, archives
  • Start drafting policy recommendations that can be useful for Bosnian politicians in resolving the crisis

How you can help 
  • Write a text that we can post online, reacting either on the situation of these institutions in Bosnia with a site-specific critical reflection, or a more general text highlighting the role and importance of culture and cultural institutions more broadly
  • Send us your ideas on how this crisis could be revolved
  • Send us tips about fundraising, if you know any sources that could help us cover the operational costs of our platform (translations, website admin, commissioned reports, etc.) and short-term funding sources that could help remedy the crisis
  • Connect us / recommend us to your eventual links in the political circles of the EU and the USA
  • If you have/know of a project / a class / an article related that can be helpful for finding solutions to this crisis, please share it with us
  • Join our list of supporters, by sending us your portrait that we can post on the list of supporters and contributors  
  • Help us raise awareness about this concern, by forwarding this email to your colleagues and academic networks

We would be very grateful for your help with any of the above stated points, and of course,  for any other form of contribution that you can make!

I attach our Press Release at the end of this email, which will give you more information about the problem and its background.

Best regards, KAASSSSSSS* 

lördag 25 augusti 2012

back to the future**

Backa in i framtiden

Va e grejen med att "face the future", att se den i vitögat, 'gå framåt' osv.?
då vi inte kan se in framtiden, utan bara estimera* den genom att titta bakåt, verkar det ju smartare att faktist backa in i den


*ja, om vi nu kan det - vilket vi inte kan enligt det "contigency"-teoretiseringarna som e lite trendiga. ex: ...

**funkade ju tyvärr inte på svenska..

fredag 10 augusti 2012

sammanställning från medier angående stoppad deportation!
Pilot stoppade utvisning

En flykting från Afghanistan skulle utvisas i dag. Men Lufthansas pilot sa nej.
– Det är ett glädjande besked, säger Stefan Berg från nätverket Asylrörelsen som demonstrerat utanför förvaret i Kållered sedan 6.30 imorse.

Han berättar att den utvisningshotade heter Farhad och kommer från Afghanistan. Fahrad är kristen och har sökt asyl på grund av förföljelse. Nu är han tillbaka på förvaret.

Ett 15-tal aktivister hade demonstrerat mot utvisningen. I samband med aktionen omhändertogs Stefan Berg av polisen.
– Jag blev kvarhållen i 45 minuter men de andra aktivisterna följde med till flygplatsen. Efter ett tag pratade vi med Farhad som berättade att han inte var ombord på planet, säger han.

Gränspolisen bekräftar att utvisningen hade stoppats.
– Det är pilotens rätt att neka passagerare om de bedömer att det finns en säkerhetsrisk. Då kan vi bara foga oss därefter, säger Lars Skoglund, chef för gränspolisen.

Enligt honom händer det ett par gånger per år att flygbolagets kapten tar ett sådant beslut.
– Jag vet faktiskt inte varför de agerade så i det här fallet. Vad jag vet var den här killen inte speciellt bråkig, säger han.

Enligt honom kommer det att dröja ett par veckor innan man försöker utvisa Farhad igen.
Marina Ferhatovic 031-62 40 00
Polis körde demonstrant på huven

En aktion vid Migrationsverkets förvar i Kållered utanför Göteborg urartade på måndagen. En grupp från nätverket Asylrörelsen var där för att stoppa en utvisning och bildade kedja till hinder för transporten, rapporterar P 4 Göteborg.

Enligt en av demonstranterna körde polisen in i dem.
-Jag slungas upp på motorhuven och då kan man ju tänka sig att han ska stanna och få av mig, men i stället kör han vidare i hög fart i fem kilometer, säger Stefan Berg.

Men enligt polisens presstalesman Peter Adlersson körde polisbilen långsamt och stannade flera gånger.
-Sedan kommer en grupp demonstranter springande mot bilen och då fortsätter poliserna tills de får förstärkning, säger han till TT.
/ TT
SR P4 Gbg

Stefan Berg i mitten i samspråk med
Polis körde med man på huven i flera kilometer
Publicerat: måndag 06 augusti kl 15:04 , Nyheter P4 Göteborg 38 kommentarer

Tumult utbröt vid Migrationsverkets förvar vid Sagåsen i Kållered idag i samband med en utvisning av en man till Afghanistan.
"Jag slungas upp på motorhuven och då kör han vidare i fem kilomteter"

Personer från nätverket Asylrörelsen försökte stoppa gränspolisens transport genom att bilda en mänsklig kedja.

Stefan Berg som är ordförande i Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna och medlem i asylrörelsen hamnade på polisbilens motorhuv och åkte med i flera kilometer. Det bekräftar också polisen.
– Jag slungas upp på motorhuven på bilen och då kan man ju tänka sig att han ska stanna och få av mig men istället så kör han vidare i hög fart i inte mindre än fem kilometer, säger Stefan Berg.

Polisen försvarar sitt agerande med att de kände sig hotade av aktivisterna. Polismannens agerande ska nu granskas av diciplinnämnden.

Själva utvisningen från Landvetter flygplats stoppades sedan piloten vägrat starta planet med den vilt protesterande mannen ombord.

söndag 5 augusti 2012

Updates from the NoBorder movement (in French)

here is a video from an occupation of the French embassy in Brussels:

Occupation du radar du Carthage en solidarité avec les sans-papiers !:

Communiqué des occupants du radar du Carthage:

måndag 30 juli 2012

summery noborder camp cologne

The main focus of protests during the camp was the airport in
Dusseldorf because of its role for charterdeportations to Serbia and
Kosovo. Financed by Frontex and organized with planes from Air-Berlin
first of all Roma-families are affected by these deportations and
find below a short report about our protests inside and outside the
airport on 21st of July as the final big action of the nobordercamp.

Already during the week on Wednesday a smaller opening-protest took
place inside the terminal and also some other succesful actions
happened during the week: for example an occupation of the french
embassy to protest against the mistreatment and death of migrants in
Calais and another occupation of the green partys office (the greens
are part of the government in north-rhine-westfalica!) because of
hard police-restrictions against a refugee protest in Dusseldorf.

*„Deportations make us barfing!“
Charter-deportation-airport Dusseldorf transformed into a protest-zone*

On saturday, 21st of July 2012, about 800 people participated in
manifestations and demonstrations outside and inside the Dusseldorf
airport against deportations. It started with speeches from the Voice
Refugee Forum and „Youth without borders“ at the station, afterwards
the demonstration went into direction of the terminal. On the route
another protest-speech took place in front of Gate Gourmet and Klüh
in reference to the exploitation and resistance of mainly migrant
workers in these service companies.

Second station was gate 36 and
the buildings behind, because from here the charter-deportations are
organised, which are first of all directed against Roma-families. Two
activists from Roma-initiatives got long applause for an impressive
speech accusing this injustice and announcing increasing resistance.
The network „stop deportation“ added the critizism against Air-Berlin
as profiteer of the deportation business.

Afterwards the
demonstration reached the terminals, and although the police tried to
limit with a big and restrictive police-operation the access into the
building to only 300 participants, finally about 600 protestors came
together for a loud and powerful indoor-demonstration.
Already in the morning an info-stand was established inside the
terminal close to the Air-Berlin check-in-area. Speeches and a press-
conference had the same focus: the resistance against the charter-
deportations to Serbia and Kosovo, financed by Frontex and organised
with Air-Berlin. The living conditions of deported Roma-families have
been documented by an exhibition, through video-screenings some
affected persons have been represented.

While the samba-band, which has been excluded by police from inside
the terminal because of „too loud“ instruments, offered their rhythms
of resistance outside, the indoor-program continued with more
speeches, theater and a memorial for the death victims of the EU-

Finally an action with gas-balloons suceeded, a banner with „unf-air-
berlin“ could be brought into air. „Stewardesses“, dressed in „unf-
air-berlin“ uniforms, distributed respective info-tickets as well as
barf bags with the slogan: „Air Berlin: deportations make us barfing!“
70.000 people – passengers and visitors - should cross the dusseldorf
airport on this saturady according the police-informations. At least
a few thousands of these visitors came into touch with our loud and
colourful protests, which happened between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
simultaniously on various places. Often we experienced an interested
or even supporting feedback. Such a manifould action never happened
in the Dusseldorf airport ever before. And we hope, that this
experience will contribute to strengthen the necessary continuous
mobilisations: the next charter deportation to Serbia is already
announced by the authorities for wednesday, 1st of August. And the
network „stop deportation“ and the Roma-initiatives started the call
to come for another protest in front of the gate 36 at the same day.

no one is illegal, h*****

P.S.: the following link leads to a first 15-minutes video about the
nobordercamp in Cologne/Dusseldorf. the clip is in german and you
find some sequences about the protests of the airoport-action at the
end of the film.

lördag 28 juli 2012

Rätt sida om linjer

..Att två personer som bor i samma hus, äter ur samma kyl, går runt i samma stad - kan leva i helt olika världar.
Det som formellt skiljer de åt är papper. En speciell sorts papper som möjliggör eller utestänger; beroende på en byråkrats/tjänstmans: Ja eller Nej
Det är just bara formalia. Men när allting som inte är formellt, antingen privat eller offentligt/statligt omöjliggörs - olagliggörs, då blir denna formalia det som villkårar vår tillvaro.
Vi tillåts inte längre dela verklgheten. Mellanmänskliga relationer ses som en lyxhobby*, och bekämpas om det inte är tillväxtgenrerande. Det leder till avskaffandet av det gemensamma, av gemenskap som sådan - av inte bara solidaritet utan också av tillit; av möjligheten att överhuvudtaget lita på någon. Påväg mot en ny varelseform: homo-byräkratika - ren ondska förkroppsligad**.
Detta har också betecknats som Den ensamma massan; vi blir allt mer lika varandra, men var och en för sig. Så att olikheter blir det enda relevanta och avståndstagande vår enda subjektivitet.
I det vet ingen riktit vem som är inne. Det finns bara en övertygelse om att jag har accepterats i kretsen för innanförskap, att jag har gjort rätt - eftersom jag tillåts vara vid liv. Jaghar inte fått nej från varken A-kassan, Sjukförsäkring, Soc, migrationsverk eller (för många) arbets'givare'.
Jag är nog på rätt sida om arbetslinjen.


*såvida det inte är 'nätverkande', en kommersialisering av hela vår person...
**förkroppsligat i allt det lidande som sker utan att nån vill eller kan ta ansvar, då alla bara gör sitt jobb - som i sin tur är det enda som formellt sett ger oss existensberättigande.

torsdag 26 juli 2012

pantrar eller individer?

tittar på film* å ser exempel på hur demokrati inte betyder All makt åt folket.
Hur kommunpolitiker skyller på** företag som kommunen äger - företag som 'folk'-valda politiker har beslutat måste drivas kommersiellt, och frånsäger sig därmed möjligheten att styra samhället; lägger ut demokratin på entreprenad med enda regelering: ni får inte göra nånting som tjänar människor om de inte betalar - och det bara de som betalar mest som ska tjänas. 


onsdag 25 juli 2012


Hur svårt för människan att det sanna känna som en naturlig lust att genomföra. Hur svårt att tidigt veta sina vägar. Hur svårt att stå vid altare och mässa anropande en gud om vilkens lagar vi inget annat vet än att han lider av allt som honom inte helt behagar.

H Martinsson - Aniara

fredag 6 juli 2012

A brief summary of the NoBorder Camp Stockholm

A brief summary of the NoBorder Camp Stockholm:

Writes about cooks, doctors, teachers, nurses, artists - without borders: all probably non-human* since it was decided that humans need permission cross borders/move/ be alive.


*like birds :)
*like money ..

In sweden the health care workers on a grassroot level decided to care for everyone, disregarding papers/documentation.. this caused the government to start talking about legislation for healthcare for "paper-less"..

liberal illusion #twomillion-more-than-I-can-count: Poltics is made in parliaments



Under ideologin som hyllar individen, finns inget individuellt ansvar.

Eftersom alla har samma möjlighet att bestämma, tycka, vilja och göra - så är det antagligen alltid nån annan som gjort fel.


fredag 29 juni 2012

Arg och Besviken

På stödfest för nyss avslutade No Border Camp Stockholm på Grundbulten, som tyvär inte finns längre (allt är förgängligt - utom Carl Bildt?); en (masokistisk?) uppmaning från Utrikesministern.


torsdag 28 juni 2012

torsdag 7 juni 2012

why workers need cross country organizing

if we are separated by national borders and capital is not, we will never be able to resist its exploitation. If workers organize nationally it will be at the expense of workers in other countries, and in the long term at the expense of themselves when capital flees to more precarious labor markets.

so in order not to loose we have to stop letting capital use even the unions as a tool for pitting workers against workers - as means to control and raise competition and be that eliminate struggle. 

and this is Frances (in swedish):

onsdag 9 maj 2012


Vi inser att den fria och långsamma tanken är och alltid har varit avgörande för mänsklighetens utveckling.

Vi skräms när samtidens strömningar trycker vinstideal på processer som ovillkorligt måste vara fredade. Där heder kuvar för hets slaktas storverk och möjligheten till en genomtänkt framtid.

Vi fridlyser härmed skapandet och bokför nedan rådande reglemente över tänkandets och konstens nödvändiga integritet.

Vi noterar vilka människor och vilket tyckande som samtiden ger medialt utrymme. I skuggan av detta inser vi det absurda i att glädjas åt offentligt erkännande. Tusen likes betyder ingenting. Vårt projekt är större än uppmärksamhet.

Vi vägrar ivra vårt personliga varumärke. Vi är inte rädda om vår position, vi är rädda om vår verksamhets autonomi.

Vi letar aktivt efter chanser att lyfta fram andras verk och texter. Vi ställer oss med stolthet i skuggan när någon annans produktion är bättre än vår egen.

Vi säljer under inga förutsättningar ens ett korn av vår kreativitet till reklambranschen. Vi tar hellre dåligt betalda och anonyma jobb än lånar ut våra hjärnor till ändamål vi inte helhjärtat står bakom. Vi torgför ingen annan hållning än vår egen. Vi jobbar aldrig för Timbro.

Vi inser att konstnärskap och entreprenörskap är oförenliga och att de så, i alla lägen, ska förbli.

Vi låter skapandet av våra alster och avhandlingar ta den tid de kräver. Vi avsäger oss flödets stress, idéer om vikt i tidiga debuter och påstådda poänger med stor kvantitet.

Vi kindpussar inte de vi vet att vi borde förakta. Vi är medvetna om att personliga relationer gör det svårare att bemöta någons åsikter. Vi tar således konsekvenserna av vår integritet och aktivt avstånd från personerna vi av nödvändighet måste kritisera, hur trevliga de än är. Minglandet är ett demokratiskt problem.

Vi förstår att det finns mer och mindre korrekta fakta. Vi tror på vikten av vetenskaplig forskning och tydliga avsändare. Tänkande är ett konstruktivt hantverk som kan ta oss någonstans. Allt är inte relativt. Postmodernismen är ovärderlig men aldrig acceptabel som en slutstation.

Vi är medvetna om att en TV-kändis som tar sabbatsår för att skriva en roman inte någonsin kan kallas för författare.

Vi publicerar aldrig för publicerandets skull. Vi sätter oss inte i positioner där vi måste producera på kommando. Vi uttrycker oss bara när vi verkligen uppfattar att vi har något att uttrycka. Vi bidrar inte till bruset.

Vi skriver pedagogiskt i publika sammanhang när eller om vi har något att förmedla till andra än branschfolk. Kotterier, navelskådning och historielösa debatter om vem som har sagt vad på Dramaten överlämnar vi till hågade skenintellektuella. Vår publik är läsarna, inte skribenterna.

Vi är väl medvetna om att etablerad konst och vetenskap i många fall har tillkommit under mecenaters och beställares styrande överseende. Vi använder aldrig detta som försvar för att foga oss efter belönande auktoriteter, utan frågar oss i stället vad gårdagens verkställare hade kunnat åstadkomma utan den sortens begränsning.

Vi vet att denna väg är hård och straffande men vi ser inte hur akademin och kulturen har råd att acceptera underkastelse av något annat än sina egna ideal.

Vi är hellre okända än utsålda.

Vi respekterar konsten.
Vi respekterar tänkandet.
Vi respekterar oss själva.

tisdag 8 maj 2012

NoBorder Stockholm 1May 2012

State and capitalism are failing            
And so must the borders. 
Just doing your job? Bad luck.           
Things can not continue as normal.            
Things are going to change.            
And we start with ourselves to recognise our privileges, our capacity and our responsibility 
to reorganise ourselves              
We start together with our neighbours 
to recognise our privileges, our capacity and our responsibility 
to reorganise locally              
We start with the world 
to recognise our privileges, our capacity and our responsibility 
to reorganise globally 
just doing your job? 
We must create a new possibility personally, locally and globally. 
We cannot know what is after state and capitalism. 
But we know we want 
No  greed 
No  property 
No  exploitation 
No  war 
No  violence 
No  privileges 
No  exclusion 
No  segregation 
No  borders            
June the 17th you and I will camp 
We will camp for our future 
We will attack the reasons for our sorrows 
to destroy 
to explore 
and to create 
to create our future 
You are the future 
You are No Border Camp Stockholm            
Join us 
to start our autonomy, as a means of challenging the nation-state system. 
Join us 
To destroy detention centres, Deportation profiteers, the surveillance industry, and frontex 
Join us 
to Challenge State and Capital, and EU-fucking-policy 
Join us 
to Fight Racism and fascism 
Join us 
to Stop Exploitation of Migrant workers 
Join us 
in understanding different perspectives and their practical applicability            
join us 
And Stop people from Just doing their job?              

tisdag 10 april 2012

Manchester United and/or against the 1% ?

a poster for NY 99%, telling us what the 1% wants us to do. and the striking similarity with: Man United.. hmm

söndag 8 april 2012

the desire to move as the source of music

who moves us? is it Jack?
and who then is Jack but a desire to resonate through bodies, over space together but probably not the same - everyone jacking,, hi-jacking reality


In the beginning there was Jack and Jack had a groove and from this groove came the grooves of all grooves. And while one day viciously throwing down out of his box, JACK boldly declared "LET THERE BE HOUSE" and house music was born. "I am you see, I am the creator and this is my house and in my house there is only house music but I am not so selfish because once you enter my house it then becomes our house and our house music and you see no one man owns house because house music is a universal language spoken, understood by all. You see house is a feeling that no one can understand really unless you're deep into the vibe of house. House is an uncontrollable desire to JACK your body and as I told you before this is our house and house music and every house should understand there is a keeper. And in this house the keeper is JACK. Now some of you might wonder who is JACK and what is it that JACK does. JACK is the one who gives you the power to JACK your body. JACK is the one who gives you the power to do the snake. JACK is the one who gives you the key to the wiggly worm. JACK is the one who learns you how to JACK your body. JACK is the one that can bring nations and nations of all JACKERS together under one house. You may be black, you may be white, you may be Jew or Gentile. It don't make a difference in our house. And this is FRESH."

torsdag 5 april 2012

demokratisk slängkappa

blev just tipsad om en artikel i Yelah. Den är från 2006, och beskriver hur det glipade i den demokratiska slängkappan under göteborgskravallerna. Hur den liberala staten visade sig under rocken, blottade sig. Och ja blottade, det var en uppvisning, ett sätt att visa oss vad den har att komma med..
Jag läser den nu och blir förvånad över hur långt en allmän förståelse av ett ord (i det här fallet demokrati) kan förskjutas på bara några år. Om det här var en glipa i demokrati-kappan, så känns det märkligt hur folk kan fortsätta prata om demokrati trots det som händer i europa nu. Det här med "fria val" har ju ändå varit en ganska grundläggande koncept för att få kallas demokrati. Men hur blir ordet kvar när protester ignoreras, sen slås ner, och är de bara växer faktist får med sig parlamentarikerna - då skickar EU en bankman*. Men det e som att blottaren inte kan få av sig kappan, som att nån har limmat fast den - försöker visa sig, men folk vägrar se.

*Både Italien och Grekland styrs nu utav Bankmän, ingen av de på något sätt folkligt valda.

måndag 2 april 2012

Europol takes on the task of "terrorism" that is to say "Anarchism"


Against the criminalization of the no border network via EUROPOL! "The EU's police agency should not be allowed to get involved in political altercations between the EU Member States. Any attempt by Europol to concern itself with antimilitaristic, transport policy, environmental policy or antiracist campaigns is going beyond its mandate," said Bundestag Member Andrej Hunko in criticism of a related response from the Federal Government. According to meeting minutes of the Council Working Party on "Terrorism", Europol is holding a conference on "anarchism" on 25 April. The focus of the conference is said to be on how to deal with attacks by the Italian anarchist federation FAI. However, the agenda also foresees discussions on the no border network and the issue of "resistance to railway networks". When Andrej Hunko requested further details, the Federal Government specified that the conference was on "left-wing extremism and terrorism" and alleged "attacks on rail transportations". Andrej Hunko went on to say: "I am utterly opposed to the criminalisation of international activists. On the contrary, I am delighted that resistance to senseless large-scale projects like Stuttgart 21 and the TAV high-speed railway in Italy is increasingly being organised across national borders - especially since these projects are supported by the European Union and incorporated into EU transport infrastructure planning. As was the case with successful summit protests, international left-wing networking is criminalised. Last year, the Federal Ministry of the Interior used the sending of "letter bombs" to justify the international exchange of undercover police agents on the occasion of the G8 summit in Heiligendamm. According to the Federal Government, the conference on "anarchism" is a workshop for delegates from those countries that participate in Europol's Dolphin analysis work files. These feature dossiers on individuals and objects concerning "extremist" and "terrorist" activities. The inclusion of left-wing activism in this category serves merely to defame left-wing activists and organisations. This is particularly the case with regard to Europol's interest in the no border network, whose fight against racism and militarisation on the external borders of the EU is absolutely essential in the EU Member States. I therefore call upon the Federal Government to actively oppose the equalisation of left-wing activism with "terrorism" and "extremism". I also demand full information about contributions made to the conference by the police forces of EU Member States. International left-wing movements must be treated with respect and appreciation." Download the Federal Government's response at: (in German)

torsdag 29 mars 2012

Launch of Frontex Observatory!

PRESS RELEASE: Launch of Frontex Observatory – 26 March 2012   Established in 2006 by Regulation 2004/2007, Frontex is the European Agency for the Management of the External Borders of the European Union. It coordinates and co�]organises with Member States high�]tech border control operations at sea, land and air external borders of the EU, and carries out joint return flights of irregular migrants. Its mandate was revised in 2011. Since its inception, Frontex has been criticised for its lack of transparency and accountability.   Statewatch’s Frontex Observatory will analyse and document the role and activities of Frontex  It provides a unique source of understanding of the Agency’s operations and activities, bringing  together legal, political, analytical documents from a variety of sources. Regularly updated, the Observatory allows for a contextualised understanding of Frontex’s development over the years and throws light on the main issues at stake with regards to civil liberties and fundamental rights. Divided into six sections, the Observatory will be particularly useful to researchers, civil society organisations, academics, students, journalists, lawyers, and parliamentarians.   • What is Frontex’s exact mandate? All decisions constituting the legal framework of the Agency’s activities, including a unique consolidated version of the amended 2004/2007 Regulation, are available in this section.   • Official documentation: Current and ongoing official documentation regarding Frontex by the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament, the European Data Protection Supervisor, the Ombudsman, the Council of Europe and court decisions.   •News: A selection of news articles examining the work and activities of Frontex   • Analysis and opinion: The Agency has been playing a central role in the EU’s border management since its inception and has therefore been under the close scrutiny of many institutions and civil society organisations looking at the civil liberties and human rights aspects of its work (data protection, use of force, interception and deportation of migrants).   •Other EU policy areas involving Frontex: Frontex was given increasing powers and plays a significant role in the implementation of different security policies and measures developed in this section (e.g. establishment of the European borders surveillance system EUROSUR; Internal Security Strategy).   •Frontex publications: The Observatory facilitates access to Frontex’s documents, some of them not being available on its website.   STATEWATCH: monitoring the state & civil liberties in Europe:  Main website:     

måndag 26 mars 2012

Nu blir det ordning! - åtminstone i hemlighet

Försäkringskassan tar över en chef som skolats väl i uteslutningsmekanismer - migrationsverket, följer nu upp med att värva SÄPO-chefen helt i linje med Stockholms programmet som gör klart att migration är en "säkerhetsfråga".

"Jag har jobbat inom polisen och rättsväsendet i 30 år och jag betraktar Migrationsverket och migrationsfrågorna som en del av rättsväsendet" säger Anders Danielsson till DN

skönt nu kan ju samma person fatta beslut om lagtillämpning - ringa sina poliskompisar när det ska utföras - å sen sina SÄPO-kompisar ifall nån skulle protestera, vilket ju lite smickrande har börjat kallas "fara för rikets säkerhet"


söndag 25 mars 2012

pratar föräldraskap och flock

    • A... W...: Och av vilka normkritiska själ vill du inte ha barn?

  • L... K...: typ, hur folk blir instängda i tvåsamhet, hur framförallt omgivningen stänger in folk i skitjobbiga uppfostrings-spår
    • fast, ja typ allt, som har med hur en 'familj' "ska" se ut..

    • L... K...: tror att det e jättedåligt å tro att två vuxna e nog för ett barn

A... W...: Jag tror många barn skulle må bra av att ha flera föräldrar.
[12:13:00 PM CEST] A... W...: Det är lite läskigt om man tänker att hela ens flock skulle vara en själv och ens mamma och pappa.
[12:23:58 PM CEST] L... K...: ja ellerhur

måndag 12 mars 2012

Att bilda ett folk

folkbildning - var det det det handlade om?
att konstruera ett folk eller sprida kunskap?

om alla lär sig samma saker så blir väl nationen mer effektiv. Det är bra för Sverige.


fredag 9 mars 2012

För ditt eget bästa!

inte bara för att du e: snygg, stygg å skygg;

söndag 26 februari 2012

exhaling (with) Pan

How do we slow things down? how can we prevent panic*,

can we introduce sabotage as content, not only method? That is to say not only to intervene in order to change, but to enjoy the stillness meanwhile.

*exhaust 'ic' from Pan: see video digest nr1 with Bifo at

lördag 25 februari 2012

immaterial exploitation

The capacity of the human intellect to expand reality* - through desire.
This is what is and has always been exploited under capitalism.


*reality, as the common understanding of, and play with, our surroundings/life

söndag 19 februari 2012

lås dörrn

det kan vara bra att ha en dörr låst
..ifall en skulle få besök av uniformsidioter
med uniformsidioter menas polis och nazister
övriga uniformerade hjälper inte lås mot

som om lås skulle hjälpa mot brevlådebomb?
lr mot snut?
fattar inte


tisdag 14 februari 2012

förföljelse pga ursprung...

...är förbjudet enligt svensk lag.
du får tex inte slå någon pga att den är från blekinge, eller slänga ut någon från en restaurang pga at den är från mexiko.
Men den svenska staten får sätta dig i fängelse utan rättegång eller ens brottsmisstanke. Svenska staten får droga dig och sätta på dig handfängsel, hyra flygplan och flyga de (med dig i) till livsfarliga platser. svenska staten får med våld tvinga dig att lämna ditt hem och ditt liv.

pga att du inte kommer från sverige


måndag 6 februari 2012

fantasier om myter

jag tänker att det går att skilja på mytbildning som: ett subversivt* och gemensamhets-skapande fenomen - och ryktesspridning, som tvärtom är splittrande och konservativt.
rykten smittar, och muterar. förs vidare oreflektera och ofta förvrängt
medan myter resonerar** hos mottagare och kräver ett visst mått av igenkännning/identifikation för att kunna sändas ut igen, och då snarare påbyggt, utmejslat, med egen erfarenhet snarare än förvrängt.
rykten kan bara sänka, och då gärna enstaka individer; även om det är ett positivt rykte så möjliggör det inget annat än förvänting på att uppfyllas medan mytbildning är mindre specifik/konkret och kan då möjliggöra utrymme för annat än vad myten faktist hanldar om eller grundar sig på.


*eller åtminstone skapande av förändrings potential - inte nödvändigtvis bra förändring; tänk det nya arbetarpartiet som har en lååång historia av fantastisk kamp för minoriteter och mot orättvisor, en myt som ger utrymme att göra typ precis tvärtom.

**resonans, när nånting sprids MED hänsyn till de separata mottagarnas och sändarnas inre logiker. läs gärna i "Det stundnade upproret" - "the coming inssurrection"

fredag 3 februari 2012

civilized morality

Murray Bookchin, qoute on the patriarchal moral of early 'civilization':
But patriarchal morality reduces woman not merely to a generalized Hegelian other who must be opposed, negated and contained, as Simone de Beuavoir emphasized a generation ago; it particularizes this otherness into a specific hatred of her inquisitiveness, of her probing subjectivity and curiosity. Even in denying woman's "being in her own right" man affirms it by damning Eve for responding to the serpent, Pandora for daring to open the box of afflictions, and Circe for her power of prevision. A gnawing sense of inferiority and incompetence stamps every aspect of the newly emergent morality: evil abands everywhere, pleasure and the senses are deceptive, and the chaos that always threatens to engulf the kosmos must be constantly warded off lest nature reclaim "civilization", Ironically there is no denial, here of woman's subjectivity but a shrieking fear of her latent powers and the possibility that they may be stirred back in to life again.
M.B. "Ecology of Freedom" p.194

it is also ironic then that "civilization" claimed to be investigative, based on knowledge..not beliefs. so civilization is then a project to get back to even before "nature", before knowledge was possible. By organizing knowledge through one perspective we should then get back to before chaos - hm, maybe we're getting there - since a single perspected world actually does make knowledge impossible...

söndag 8 januari 2012

stora frågor..(?)

jag e trött på de stora frågorna. Vill inte ta i de. de e ju långt borta.
dvs. det vita manliga ('liberala'?) subjektets stora frågor*.
vill jag inte ta i de frågorna för att jag inte vill va ett manligt vitt subjekt? eller vill jag inte va ett manligt vitt subjekt för att det är ointressant pga sin definition av 'stora frågor' (bl.a.)?
helt klart kom iaf både hönan å ägget före.


*kanske som en fråga som en behöver ha många under sig för att kunna göra något åt..**

**vilket e helt värdelöst å hålla på med, men fan va mycket folk som behöver övertygas om det.. .

a Psychic selection...

...of cakes!

tisdag 3 januari 2012

"allt som inte är normalt bryter mot allmän ordning"

titeln e ett citat av en väktare på i tjänst på NK*. Det följdes upp med ett svar på frågan: vem bestämmer vad som e normalt?
som löd: det gör jag.

det här kan tyckas bara dumt, och på många plan är det just det. men det e väldigt mycket mer. det visar hur den anonyma** maktpositionen omöjliggör tänkande som sådant, men att det i det här fallet har slagit över från att vara ett blint utförande av order, till att hitta på förhållningsregler för alla andra så att ingenting skulle kunna sticka ut åt nått håll, så att garanterat ingen av alla möjliga ordningar kanske störs. Det som händer är att väktaren i fråga kan agera (situationellt) fullkomligt despotiskt, men ändå frånsäga sig ansvaret för sina handlingar.


*NK var för dagen skådeplats för en uppläsning av text angående svensk gränskontroll, först i mikrofon men efter att vi fått veta att den störde ordningen, utan den - vilket tydligen störde ordningen ännu mer.

**jag menar här en maktposition som inte vilar på egen övertygelse, dvs. en är satt att utföra en uppgift som att "hålla ordning" utan att själv ta ansvar för varför det ska vara "ordning".

söndag 1 januari 2012

mer Kallocain

..., men hur kan man göra halt vid en statsgräns,
om också en tusenmila,
när man har känt att ens pulsar är drivna av hjärtan i världsaltet?

Leo i Kallocain, K. Boye