onsdag 17 oktober 2012

thoughts after a PW** reading circle some two years ago

When something has become a commodity it can no longer be shared; only sold and bought - or speculated upon, stolen (but then it Can lose this status..)

if everything is absorbed, sucked up into the (semio-)capitalist circling - maybe we can still measure (or something else more anti-capitalistic..) how long it takes. It seems as if some activities are absorbed even before execution - while some resist quite while. And these activities - because of the fact that they create something liveable (a gap or so) - are still worthy of our effort and attention****. And if we are lucky, one can hope, that they may also create some kind of commonality separated from the general flow***** - even if very temporary, ephemeral, and even how much it still is on an inside - keeping alive the idea that an outside potentially could be producable.


*thoughts after a PW** reading circle some two years ago.***
** psychicwarfare.se
*** with osme editing .,  updating my language, it seems,  but not taking away all I would not write now.
****in short: it's worth the while
*****into: Le Bourse!

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