torsdag 21 april 2011


life is change
to not change is to interupt life
I want life to continue
repetition is not continuation

maybe we should not so much try to change things
but rather try/ work towards getting rid of the illusion that things could stay the same

because when conservatives fail to conserve they tend to get oppressive


torsdag 14 april 2011

calais - and the professionals

After initially breaking on Rue89 the French media Channel TF1 has just
released a video composed of several clips from the work of CMS. The
police are shown pepper-spraying, being violent, abusive and
unprofessional. This video combines several already high profile clips
including the police playing loud music whilst raiding Africa House at
night and the PAF punching an activist holding a video camera. A CMS
activist talks to a radio interviewer about working on the ground in
Calais and the use of video cameras in DE-escalating violence towards
migrants. A police spokesperson also attempts to claim that the police are
highly professional whilst a clip of them playing football during a squat
raid runs in the background.

fredag 8 april 2011


once, I was faced with the statement that: "you have to vote or you will let someone else decide for you" - "if you don't go and vote you cannot complain afterwards".
It was a school assignment and I wrote an essay on it.
I reread it awhile ago - it completely smashed this argument, by stating the obvious: if we vote we accept that someone else will decide for us, hence the only ones who should not complain afterwards are the ones that did vote. It also creates the feeling that things should be taken care of for you - since you no longer have any say. You have partaken and is now victim of chosen aristocratic power.

voting doesn't only not make a difference
it makes indifference

maybe I should post the whole thing here.. Havn't wrote anything better since (I was 17..)


tisdag 5 april 2011

totalitärt eller inte; det är ditt fria val..

..sägs det
isf borde vi kunna välja:
Kommunism: som en motsats till individualism. Eftersom individualism* alltid är en illusion är det bättre att vi gemensamt bestämmer hur/av vem vi vill vara beroende.

relaterar till:

*föreställningen om den autonoma individen och individens fria val (även i politikermun kallat "liberalism")

;kASS - idag: anarko-kommunist

lördag 2 april 2011

don't be so sure

Facts can never be: it is
it can alwys only be: it was - however recent

knowledge must be in constant negotiation with experience