fredag 21 december 2012

Translation: Four sans-papiers escape Palaiseau CRA


Four sans-papiers escape Palaiseau CRA

On Sunday night 4 sans papiers who due to be deported escaped the CRA de Palaiseau (Essonne), we learn from corroborating sources.

"Two Tunisiens, an Algerian and a Romanian fled after the deparuture of our teams", Pierre Henry, directeur général of the association France Terre d'Asile (FTA), who offer legal help to the detainee foreigners on site, told ATP.

The préfecture of Essonne confirmed this on Monday, and also added that two officers were slightly injured during the escape.

The police and gendarmerie are currently looking for the the four escapees, she added.

According to the préfecture and the associations, around 7pm on Sunday a officer was called by a detainee to the common room to sort out the TV reception. When he arrived, he was surrounded and knocked to the floor by 5 detainees. They took his magnetic badge which is used to access different parts of the CRA.

While the guard was held down by one detainee, the 4 others went to the delivery area of the centre and escaped. During this escape, the guard who had been attacked and a colleague who came to offer reinforcements were slightly injured, stated the  préfecture.

The police union Alliance added that the escapees then climbed a simple fence and disappeared in the direction of the sous-préfecture.

Interviewed on site, the detainee who had helped the escape of the four other 'irregular' migrants and had slowed down the action of the police was placed in custody, confirmed the préfecture.

The CRA of Palaiseau accommodates only men. It has a maximum capacity of 40 places. 750 foreigners in 'irregular situations' were detained there in 2011, in particular Romainians, Tunisiens and Morrocans.

Its particularity is that it is sited near the 'arrest house' ('maison d'arrêt') of Fleury-Mérogis, which receives numerous prison-leavers who are the target of an 'interdiction du territoire' (obligation to leave the country).

Renovated in 2011, the CRA is surrounded by a 4.5m high fence with movement detectors and surveillance cameras. 


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