tisdag 4 december 2012

In front of the EU parliament..

In front of the EU parliament in solidarity with the striking
asylum-seekers and the illegalized in EU
The persistence of the common conditions of misery and calamity which
asylum-seekers suffer from and the likewise mechanisms which makes a
human, first of all a fugitive, a homeless and an asylum-seeker; and
forthcoming making them illegal humans, leaving them defenseless and
marginalized through the bureaucratic labyrinth and organized
discriminations, has caused the protests and struggles of the
asylum-seekers and the illegalized ones to rise anywhere. In different
European countries and even in Australia, the asylum-seekers and the
illegalized have rendered their just demands in the streets and the public
spaces. Their pains and wounds, so deep that they haven't returned to the
camps even under the “Legal” and “continuous” oppression of the police and
the organized threats of the sovereign state institutions. They have
gradually found one another and through gatherings and partaking of their
experiences, have realized the possibility of protest and resistance. They
have been gradually aware of the same processes in the other cities and
countries and have been inspired by one another in the horizons of this
Undoubtedly, in order to affect the barren political state and defeat the
indifference of the “Majority”, mesmerized by the repetition of the
reconstructed facts of the mainstream media, it's necessary for all the
inferior classes to unite in their battles and by strengthening the
collective self-confidence, call the people under the oppressions to these
struggles. The battles of the asylum-seekers and the illegalized ones, is
not only apart from this condition, but also it's now the time to make the
voices from different parts of Europe be heard in the first step, because
these struggles, according to their common origin can be organically
interconnected, build a series of transboundary protests, which based on
the same problems and ideals, can target a common aim.
According to such a belief and in order to make such communications
possible, we; a number of asylum-seekers and activists of the Berlin
Protest March (who have passed the past eight months in the streets and
tents, alongside our friends to achieve their ends), by our share have
tried to communicate with some other asylum-seekers in some other European
countries personally. In a two-week trip, we have managed to meet the
asylum-seekers in strike, in Amsterdam, Den-Haag, and Vienna and exchange
useful experiences. Now we are glad to inform those who follow the
movements that in these camps, there exists a high motivation and desire
to join these battles. So all of us, alongside one another, and by the aid
of all those who feel this struggle to be theirs, are willing to take the
struggle of the asylum-seekers and the illegalized ones over the national
borders, so that by creating the organic joints in a transboundary
solidarity, the struggles get a new spirit. We have no other choice to be
free but to face the EU with the inevitable consequences of the its
non-equal, unjust and discriminating policies. This step is absolutely
essential to be taken in the very year when the EU has won the Noble Peace
Prize for all these policies.
In addition to what has been mentioned on the importance of solidarity
with these struggles, what has made us to start our unlimited strike in
front of the EU parliament in Bruxelles today (December 3rd 2012) is
particularly the protest against the violent (and of course “legal”)
oppression of the asylum camps in Amsterdam and Brandenburger Tor in
Berlin and their dismantling. With this symbolic protest, we are to show
the Public, how the civilized European governments are stifling the
oppressed people. We humbly ask all activists and the conscious people to
join the protest and amplify the voice of the voiceless ones.


After Friday’s suppression in Amsterdam, where we were denied our right to
protest, and after yesterday’s suppression in Berlin at the Brandenburg
Tor, after the suppression in Vienna which is a nightmare for the refugees
there, we - the protesting refugees – realised that this system is not
willing to grant certain fundamental rights to the refugees. What is more,
instead of abolishing those laws which are effectively oppressing us, the
system in Europe wants to drive us out. Therefore, we took to the streets
to make our demands happen. Now, we will raise our voices even louder than

We invite you to our press conference: On the 3rd of December 2012 at
11 am in Brussels, in front of the European
Parliament, in the centre of the John Cockerill park.

We invite all of Belgium’s media to come to the press conference to report
on the protest of refugees in Europe.

Mohammad Kalali
Arash Dosthosein
Ashkan Khorasani


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