måndag 2 april 2012

Europol takes on the task of "terrorism" that is to say "Anarchism"


Against the criminalization of the no border network via EUROPOL! "The EU's police agency should not be allowed to get involved in political altercations between the EU Member States. Any attempt by Europol to concern itself with antimilitaristic, transport policy, environmental policy or antiracist campaigns is going beyond its mandate," said Bundestag Member Andrej Hunko in criticism of a related response from the Federal Government. According to meeting minutes of the Council Working Party on "Terrorism", Europol is holding a conference on "anarchism" on 25 April. The focus of the conference is said to be on how to deal with attacks by the Italian anarchist federation FAI. However, the agenda also foresees discussions on the no border network and the issue of "resistance to railway networks". When Andrej Hunko requested further details, the Federal Government specified that the conference was on "left-wing extremism and terrorism" and alleged "attacks on rail transportations". Andrej Hunko went on to say: "I am utterly opposed to the criminalisation of international activists. On the contrary, I am delighted that resistance to senseless large-scale projects like Stuttgart 21 and the TAV high-speed railway in Italy is increasingly being organised across national borders - especially since these projects are supported by the European Union and incorporated into EU transport infrastructure planning. As was the case with successful summit protests, international left-wing networking is criminalised. Last year, the Federal Ministry of the Interior used the sending of "letter bombs" to justify the international exchange of undercover police agents on the occasion of the G8 summit in Heiligendamm. According to the Federal Government, the conference on "anarchism" is a workshop for delegates from those countries that participate in Europol's Dolphin analysis work files. These feature dossiers on individuals and objects concerning "extremist" and "terrorist" activities. The inclusion of left-wing activism in this category serves merely to defame left-wing activists and organisations. This is particularly the case with regard to Europol's interest in the no border network, whose fight against racism and militarisation on the external borders of the EU is absolutely essential in the EU Member States. I therefore call upon the Federal Government to actively oppose the equalisation of left-wing activism with "terrorism" and "extremism". I also demand full information about contributions made to the conference by the police forces of EU Member States. International left-wing movements must be treated with respect and appreciation." Download the Federal Government's response at: http://www.andrej-hunko.de/start/download/doc_download/214-treffen-zu-anarchismus-bei-der-eu-polizeiagentur-europol-im-april-2012 (in German)

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