tisdag 13 november 2012

who's getting the message?

We got the message, that the planned mass deportation on 13th Nov  of
mainly Roma  to Belgrad, Serbia has been done earlier and is already
It had been done on the 8th Nov 12!! 90 people got deported to Belgrad!
We are sad, we are angry!
**Protest - Now more than ever!*
*Come on Thues 13th Nov  at 10 a.m. to the Airport Düsseldorf, Terminal B*
(the 8 a.m. protest at Gate F does not take place)

Come selfresponsible, come selforganised. keep in mind, the airport is
big, there are many entrances, escalators and terraces where people can
protest. bring your banners, be creative be angry!

*we are appalled, sad and angry!*
*And we will go and demonstrate in the Airport Düsseldorf!*
And we will not forget, that there is another *mass deportation flight
on 15th  Nov from Stuttgart to Kosovo!*

One supporter of alle-bleiben (http://alle-bleiben.info/info-news.htm)
in Belgrad could verify that there had been a massdeportation on 8th
A deportation one day before the commemoration of the progrom night ,
which was the start of procecution of millions of jews aswell as of
Sinti and Roma! Deportation shortly after the inauguration of the
memorial  in memory of the deaths! It cannot be more cynical!

What ever reason there was for this earlier deportation flight. It does
show the force in which the deportation take place. It does show how
strongly racist the discussions are lead at the moment and that
deportations might become a topic during election in Germany next year.

The application of asylum are treated very rapidly - and negativly of
course. The people hardly get the possibilities to bring in their
reasons and do not come to exlpain their situation. Irrespective (Even
though) of the european wide procecution of Roma, in Serbia, Mazedonia,
Kosovo and in many other european countries.

Instead of a political solution, instead of a permant residency and the
right to stay, the politicians continue to count on persecution and
We say no!
No deportations!
Stop all deportations now!
For the right to move and stay!
Resistance is necessary!

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