fredag 3 februari 2012

civilized morality

Murray Bookchin, qoute on the patriarchal moral of early 'civilization':
But patriarchal morality reduces woman not merely to a generalized Hegelian other who must be opposed, negated and contained, as Simone de Beuavoir emphasized a generation ago; it particularizes this otherness into a specific hatred of her inquisitiveness, of her probing subjectivity and curiosity. Even in denying woman's "being in her own right" man affirms it by damning Eve for responding to the serpent, Pandora for daring to open the box of afflictions, and Circe for her power of prevision. A gnawing sense of inferiority and incompetence stamps every aspect of the newly emergent morality: evil abands everywhere, pleasure and the senses are deceptive, and the chaos that always threatens to engulf the kosmos must be constantly warded off lest nature reclaim "civilization", Ironically there is no denial, here of woman's subjectivity but a shrieking fear of her latent powers and the possibility that they may be stirred back in to life again.
M.B. "Ecology of Freedom" p.194

it is also ironic then that "civilization" claimed to be investigative, based on knowledge..not beliefs. so civilization is then a project to get back to even before "nature", before knowledge was possible. By organizing knowledge through one perspective we should then get back to before chaos - hm, maybe we're getting there - since a single perspected world actually does make knowledge impossible...

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