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... It was one of the biggest demonstrations for refugees rights in germany in the last years, when about 6000 people participated last saturday (13.10) in berlin in the final  station of the refugees march. The abolition of the residence law and of the campsystem and the stop of all deportations have been the central demands and find impressive pictures of the demo on the website:

.Today, 15th of october, a group of selforganised refugees continued the struggle with an occupation of the nigerian embassy  in Berlin against deportation-collaboration. Find their statement attached and refugee-activist are still arrested after police eviction, while a solidarity demonstration with 400 people took place this evening...


Press Information:

Counter Offensive to the Nigerian Government Role in  the brutal
deportation of African Refugees, Nigerian and Non Nigerian Activists have
taken to Occupy the Nigerian Embassy Berlin to demand the cancellation of
all deportation agreement with the German State.

Deportation is only possible if a state is ready to „take back“ the person
concerned and for this purpose, the German authorities would do anything
to obtain traveling certificates to deport Refugees to any Country
wherever they could be accepted.

Refugees are constantly summoned to forced deportation hearings where they
are interviewed by Embassy Officials who would have to confirm their
origin and identity through Physical appearance to aid the  issuance of
traveling certificates as a legitimation for their deportation.

These forced deportation hearing are randomly conducted in different
German City on a monthly basis in an atmosphere of massive Police presence
and abuses - From Halberstadt to Koln, Bielefeld to Karlsruhe, Dortmund to
 Munich, Ludwigsburg to Dusseldorf.
Enough is Enough as we have reached an Offensive threshold to say No to
deportation threats and abuses because deportation is Colonial Heritage
and Persecution. We are therefore provoked to unlash appropriate action
against such acts that continues to traumatize and destroy Migrants and
Refugees in Germany

Refugee and non-Refugee Activist have for many years condemned this
routine deportation collaboration between the Nigerian Government and the
German European Government through the enforcement  of militarized Frontex
- "Frontex being the boarder Watch dog of the European union with extended
artificial Borders up to Refugee Home Countries is mandated with the
responsibility of chartered deportation operations from Europe"

The January 2012 agreement between the Nigerian Government (Nigerian
Immigration Boss - Mrs. Rose Uzoma)and Frontex stands as a renewed
legitimation to the brutal deportation practices thus causing many deaths
and Trauma for Refugees thus requiring an immediate cancellation  because
the same European Government who has made us refugees must be ready to
take the responsibility of their act.

It is based on this Position that we are calling on President Goodluck
Jonathan to take immediate step to cancel all deportation agreements and
collaboration between Frontex with the German State.

The obvious habit of ignoring the call for human rights can no longer be
tolerated hence the decision of Nigerian Refugees occupation of  the
Nigerian Embassy in Berlin as a signal to more offensive counter action
against their deportation collaboratory role.

As first step to cooperation, We demand  a Stop to the routine practices
of Forced-Mobile deportation Hearing with immediate effect (i.e.) 16.10.12
to 19.10.12  deportation hearing planned to take place at the State Police
Premises, Alte Weingartner Str. 49, 76227 Karlsruhe-Durlach.

Furthermore, we are undertaken an investigation in connection with
suspicion of free access for the German Immigration Service to access
Biometric Data of Nigerian Passport Holders - a development from the
current act of  criminalization of Nigerian migrants with a direct  call
for President Goodluck Jonathan to withdraw in case there is  any of such.

We denounce every form of deportation collaboration because  deportation
itself  is a form of  racial persecution and elimination and exists on
basic distinction of Europe being the progressive and developed while
Africa is defined as backward.
We say No to all forms of deportation collaboration
Stop Deportation

Email: thevoice_bdw@yahoo.de
The VOICE Refugee Forum

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