måndag 5 juli 2010

to be cool is all we got

what is it to be cool?
what is coolness?
I would describe it as:
- a conscious selfconfidence, based on independece from authority/ the ruling powers*.
autonomy** is the only way to be cool.

the left of today can therefor not be, or aim at beeing the ruling power, since it's fuckin' uncool to rule.
and beeing cool is all we got.


*a fashion trend, the police, parents, your teacher, behavioral konventions,
**automnoy, maybe described as a state of mutual dependency of subjectivities i.e. forming an autonomous body - a collective subjetivity

2 kommentarer:

  1. Raoul PETE Joacim Parfalk6 juli 2010 14:14:00

    NO It is MUCH "COOLER" to be WarmHearted HUMAN Helping other Humans TOGETHER and to be "COOL" the TRUE way as you Describe is ONLY SAD cause it HURTS the Human that is FROZEN OUT cause NOT a "Yes Robot" and OFTEN the "Smart;( Parasites have POWER MONEY to Parasite and Misuse and Capitalize on the "easy Target" frozen out så just me the Viking RONIN Vänsterpartist Hjärtade FireHeart & ICE Brain ThunderFOOL;)TrinityEarthling1PeacePilgrimFalcon Parfalk...PETE Parfalk så better all LIVE and learn to "Play The Big "Play" while having fun WITHOUT Hurting others and IRL Together WITH Humans that CAN be FairPlay "Love & RESPECT" the Differences just MY Humble Opinions Peace,LOVE & Understanding Rock´n Roll

  2. well, I think I see where you're heading. I also like 'warmhearted' , more than 'cool' (by my description..) . but it wasn't the point to say what is good, or desirable.
    and.. I don't agree that this coolness is "freezing someone out", only excluding authoritarian influence. the whole post was about how we can not be "easy lonely targets" to "capitalize" on.
    all the best, Kass