fredag 25 september 2009

det logiskas skenbara paradox

What neoliberalism supported in the long run was not the free market, but monopoly. While the market was idealised as a free space where knowledges, expertise and creativity meet, reality showed that the big groups of command operate in a way that is far from being libertarian, but instead introduces technological automatisms, imposing itself with the power of the media or money, and finally shamelessly robbing the mass of share holders and cognitive labour.

/Franco Berardi Bifo, on Autonomy

facebook kommentar av Bismilla Guerilla:
Every idealized value is not current value, otherwise it wouldn't be idealized but present, common and widespread. Whenever an idea is insisted upon as somebody's invention, as long as there is someone who claims the copyright - it is controlled and monopolized in some way. Common sense, rationality, even humanity are monopolized by some smart asses and their national institutions simply because they print and publish more books on that topic than others who consider it natural and common. In other words> I may find a source of water in the mountains, and let you all use it for free as long as you call that source and that water by my name. The question is> am I such a generous person, or I am just another narcissistic mythomaniac after all.

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