fredag 13 september 2013

(political) definition of silence

listening to R.A.T.M "fist full of steal" which starts with:
Something about silence makes me sick
'Cause silence can be violence...

John Cage defines silence** not as the absence of sound(s) but as "involuntary sounds". A social/political, rather than musical, interpretation gives a quite scary conception of silence - a situation where no one wants to be noticed; never peaceful* allways repressing. 
This would I guess equal to a sort of selfinflicted extreme striated space of self cenorship - as then, would the total absence of sound(s) equal the smooth space*** - a condition without messurments - an absolute zero.


*where and when ever it's peaceful there is also allways sounds, just maybe not the usual ones
**In the introduction to the book Silence.,
***Gilles Deleuze theory about organization of space, to me very similar to 'bodies without organs'

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