lördag 6 juli 2013

No evictions of autonomous centres!

*Gather & Resist - weeks of solidarity*

The autonomous center Cologne calls out for the
days of action and networking - long live AZ KÖLN!

The campaign KEIN TAG OHNE! (no day without!) mobilizes to defend the
center that has existed for three years. On June 30th the present
contract for the center ends. The end of contracts doesn`t mean 
eviction yet: With GATHER&RESIST we invite you to join the celebration
of squatting and resistance, which is bound to hit the city.

During those days the AZ will be a place to gather from all whereabouts,
to link our projects and struggles and to share our perspectives.
GATHER&RESIST wants to be a platform for building and deepening networks.

At the same time we are taking a straight forward step towards
solidarity and resistance. We will build barricades, fortify the
building and our actions will create a situation of pressure for those
in power.

*GATHER&RESIST lives through our creativity and participation. *There
will be pre-arranged workshops and ideas for action: anti-repression,
building barricades, solidarity with different uprisings, get-to-know
the area. There will be a convergence center, place-to-sleep-pool and a
vegan kitchen for all. An awareness structure and an Out of Action-area
will be available at all times. To use these structures in an effective
way, we will provide rooms for retreat and safer spaces (e.g.
dormitories for WomenLesbiansTransInter* and People of Colour). You'll
find more infos on our website soon.

*If you need a place to sleep, please contact
Schlafplatz-koeln@riseup.net as soon as possible.
Also there will be sufficient room for input, workshops, discussions,
assemblies and actions that we will organize together. If you have 
further contributions to the program, please contact

On Saturday 6th of July there will be a big demonstration in solidarity
with AZ Köln and all squats worldwide. Let´s organize this demonstration

Weeks of solidarity - a place for a joined struggle against the attacks
on our self-determined lives and structures.

*Come to Cologne 28th of June - 7th of July!*

Call in different languages:*
*English:* http://gatherandresist.blogsport.eu/call/call-en/
*French:* http://gatherandresist.blogsport.eu/call/call-fr/
*Spanish:* http://gatherandresist.blogsport.eu/call/call-es/
*Greek:* http://gatherandresist.blogsport.eu/call/call-gr/
Convergence Center:*

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