torsdag 2 januari 2014

The Burning Bombing of America

when the world turn communist    totally in spirit the opening of paradise    beginning    trees and water come back    birds    huge red feathers blue jays mynah birds maggots of purple silk. with gold fillet around her cunt the dervish turns round round    cock-cunt opening in to our finger    hair twists in to the vines of man-eating flowers    we open at night with our recorders and turtle shells we slowly walk on the sky into the white light    down again into each-others rooms    the peacock opens her tail    scraggly hair    eyes pop out until there's enough food    a red cat leaps onto another    licks its head under its neck    its stomach. the cat makes noise through its nose on a blue silk cover among gold cupids and flowers on the wall a red-and-yellow poster celebrates the burning of the banks...

Kathy Acker

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