måndag 28 oktober 2013


The collective Psychic warfare was formed in 2010. Through the use of performance, music, street action, writing, video, dance, comics, interviews, installations, reading groups, cinema clubs and parties they’ve been exploring contemporary politics and forms of exploitation, as well as experimenting with forms of exit from said conditions, in- and outside of their hometown, Stockholm.
In September they participated in GIBCA, where they, through performance and writing, voiced a critique on the representation of local political and grassroots movements in the biennial. They uncovered and problematized the ties that the biennial itself has to the same forces that quenched the these events, namely the Gothenburg Carnival and the 2001 riots. This was also projected onto a larger back drop of the political and economic apparatuses that governs a contemporary Event City, such as Gothenburg.
At the symposion, Psychic Warfare will talk about their participation in the biennial and their practices at large, explaining their performance heterodoxies, such as the Psychic Attack and the Psychosonoric Lecture. They will also, together with Annika Lundgren, make a performance connected to their participation in the biennial.

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