måndag 11 mars 2013

Rage and Reason

by Michael Tobias.
a novel that setts off to explore the vague and possibly shady psychological paths where conviction mingles with violence. We first get to read a statement by the author about this story, in no way, is to be seen as promoting the tactics deployed by "Felham". But instead to reveal and discuss the mental and social states where such actions take place and are possible.

But unfortunately we get little of this. Or maybe we get what is intended to be shown (if I am to be nice). We get an endless row of technical descriptions and machoist longing for heroism. Somewhat like an animal rights Bond movie - but a book. I'd had enough after 77pages.,  I gave it a fair chance I believe. It's a pity, the subject is very little explored I feel, and I think anyone who is politically engaged (which to me sort of excludes parliamentarians) needs to reflect upon these issues. Especially  since the level of the discussion on violent/non-violent action is so bad, so rigid and only gains the moralist-conservo-'liberal' mainstream-positioning kind of politics.

the opportunity was mist, I think

I had also bigger expectations than this because it is printed by AK press, to which I ow alot of my thinking.,


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