söndag 2 oktober 2011

toward the queerest insurrection

Foucault says that “power must be under-
stood in the first instance as the multiplici-
ty of force relations immanent in the sphere
in which they operate and which constitute
their own organization; as the processes
which, through ceaseless struggles and
confrontations, transforms, strengthens or
reverses them; as the support which these
force relations find in one another, thus
forming a chain or system, or on the con-
trary, the disjunctions and contradictions
which isolate them from one another; and
lastly, as the strategies in which they take
effect, whose general design or institution-
al crystallization is embodied in the state
apparatus, in the formulation of the law, in
the various social hegemonies.”
We experience the complexity of domination
and social control amplified through hetero-
sexuality. When police kill us, we want them
dead in turn. When prisons entrap our bodies
and rape us because our genders aren’t simi-
larly contained, of course we want fire to them
all. When borders are erected to construct a
national identity absent of people of color and
queers, we see only one solution: every nation
and border reduced to rubble.


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